99% of clothes aren’t recycled. Welcome to the 1%.

99% of clothes aren’t recycled. Welcome to the 1%.

por Tejal Soni-Hayer en Feb 14, 2023

T-shirt production works on a linear model where products are made, used, then thrown into landfill, and this leaves us with problems. There is limited space on Earth, and filling it with over 2 billion tons of waste a year doesn't seem to us the best use of the space. Consider the cost of trash on a global scale - not just environmental, but material and financial, too. A linear supply chain where things are designed to be thrown away reduces resources, turns them into trash and trashes nature at our expense. It doesn’t really make sense. That’s why our tees are made different. 

At Love Your Swagger we’ve chosen suppliers who have redesigned the clothing supply chain to be circular, where new products are made from worn out material so instead of creating waste, they just make new products from it. Products are made up of materials, and those materials are valuable, so by saving and reusing material, we can save money. That means our suppliers can afford to use natural organic materials, renewable energy and sustainable packaging. It means we save the environment from landfills too. 

We can all work together to save the space on our planet. 

Lots of love!