Men's Festival Tees

Men's Festival Tees
Immerse yourself in the spirit of celebration with our Men's Festival Tees Collection – a vibrant symphony of style and sustainability, meticulously crafted from 100% organic cotton. Elevate your festival experience and express your individuality with tees that not only radiate energy but also align with your commitment to eco-friendly fashion.

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  • Keep It Groovy And Funky Lips Tee
    Black Keep It Groovy And Funky Lips


  • One Man Riot Tee
    One Man Riot Tee


  • Anarchy All Stars Tee
    Pink Anarchy All Stars Tee


  • Love Your Sax Tee
    Bright Blue Love Your Sax Tee


  • Music Tee
    Black Music Sun Tee


  • Good Vinyl Vibes Tee
    Stone Blue Good Vinyl Vibes Tee


  • Flash Tee
    White The Flash Tee


  • Free Your Soul Vest Top
    White Free Your Soul Vest


  • Chaos Vest Top
    White Chaos Vest


  • Love Music Tee
    White Love Music Tee


  • Purple Triangles Vest Top
    Purple Triangles Vest Top


  • Good Vibes Cassette Tee
    Athletic Grey Good Vibes Cassette Tee


  • Good Vibes Vest Top
    White Good Vibes Vest


  • Rock It Out Tee
    Denim Blue Rock It Out Tee


  • Rainbow Portal Vest Top
    White Rainbow Portal Vest


100% Organic

Made from 100% organic cotton, this t-shirt offers a luxuriously soft and gentle feel against the skin. By choosing organic cotton, you not only prioritize your own comfort but also contribute to the well-being of the environment.

Tree Planting To Restore and Regenerate

Trees are fundamental to life on Earth. They are vital for the environment, biodiversity, and human well-being. Protecting existing forests and planting more trees are essential steps toward a sustainable future. So during our Buy One Get One Tree weekends, we plant a tree for every order placed with our store.