About us



Love your swagger believes in being proud of who you are and seeks to inspire togetherness, love, hope, courage, and kindness through providing products that are beautiful, affordable and meaningful. We think men and women everywhere need to know that they are precious and spiritually wonderfully made. Our products are carefully chosen to promote confidence and for people to express themselves and not impress. Our products make beautiful gifts for everyone which are not only aesthetically pleasing but are soulfully appealing. 


Our kids are our inspiration. Observing the love of a brother and a sister sparked the beginnings of love your swagger, both of our children are consistently spreading positive and good vibes. Ariyan who is full of love and Riya who is full of swag! In our family life we have made a place to be real, to share the good the bad and the ugly; a place where we pick each other up and cheer for each other. Such connections are precious, rare and to be encouraged! We know that together we are better. We're not perfect, but we are advocates for authenticity, we are passionate about 'keeping it real'. We are excited to be able to share products with you that promote self-love and keeping it real.  



My husband and I had many conversations of starting something together. I have always been a creative person and my husband has always been business minded. I have been a teacher for about 14 years now and Bobby has dabbled in a few different things, however he is now a successful electrical engineer running his own business. I always admired how he was able to create the job and the work life balance he wanted. He is always there for the children and me when we need him. 

I am currently working part time and now that our children are getting older, I felt it was the time to start our new venture together. 

We have worked together to build our background design, products and thinking about packaging and through hard work we have started our online business. We have big ideas for the future, and we never stop dreaming, which we teach our kids too!  We are so thankful for each other and our kids! Now we are thankful to you for shopping with us. 

Thank you! 

Sending you all positive vibes! 

Watch this space!